Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here's one of the classes we'll be doing at SYBL! on April 26th. This is the acrylic bind-it-all album. Acrylic cover. Just love this..such fun!

I took Ranger's white pen and traced the top page on the acrylic cover:

So if you just looked at the acrylic, this is what you would see:

P is for Play
L is for Laugh
A is for Art
Y is for you!

Here's the Laugh page

The lace had swirls on it, so I outlined them with the white pen. Now that's fun!

Took apart a package of felt diecut butterflies and swirls and made my own photo pages ready to go....

This is the Art page....I'm having way too much fun with the white pens!

Another photo page

My "You" page:

The back page

Wrapped a ribbon around the back acrylic sheet

And that acrylic allows the journals to "stand up"

For this class, you get to pick your paper and your ribbon from whatever is in the store....included in the price of the class. So I totally want each journal to be personalized....and totally different from mine. But I'm working on a second version...just to show you how dynamically different these can be....based on the paper that you pick!

I just LOVE being able to walk into a store, pick out product, bring it homw and just play! play! play!

So check back...I'll have the other one ready for tomorrow night's blog!

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Gerrie Johnnic said...

You can make one with my name LOL! This is just too much, luv it