Monday, April 14, 2008

Nighttime Flowers

One of my favorite things about San Diego is the flowers. This city has flowers like nowhere else on earth. Beautiful, gorgeous, awe-inspiring flowers of unlimited varieties. And my friend, Lucky, has created a wonderland of flowers and cactus in her yard. So last night, I photographed them after dark

An interesting focus on a the middle of the night. Not always sure what I was going to get.

But I do love how the background is so black....and with the flash, the flowers really do "pop".

You will have to decide what is what, but there are orange blossoms, cactus in bloom, bird of paradise, bouganvilla...

In my opinion, this is just more evidence that Jehovah is an amazing artist....and we can only pretend to see the tip of what He has created to inspire us to be more imaginative in what we attempt to do.

San Diego. My second home. A place to rest. A place to be inspired by incredible art in nature.

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