Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Embellishing your storage!

The first week I was in San Diego, I took a couple of days and organized Lucky's scrap stuff. Everything is in her guest bedroom in plastic stacked drawers. I just didn't really like how that looked as you can see through the drawers. a way, that's good as you can sort of see what's there. But looks a bit cluttered. So I started playing around with paper and the circle nestabilities and here's a store sample that I made. I think when I get home, I want to do this to my whole studio!

3 drawers that are 12x12 and 6 drawers that are 6x6. I used therm-o-web's adhesive strips to adhere these 3 sets together. Patterned paper inserts behind the drawers. I like the black and white...but think color would look just as great. Considered inking these, but decided I didn't want anything that was too busy.

For the little drawers on the top, I used the smallest 2 sizes of nestabilities in black and white. I couldn't find any rubon letters in the store that were small enough, so I printed on clear transparency, then diecut the transparency in the same sized die to lay over the top. I think the font is perfect! Added litle black & white polka dot ribbons to each label and adhered them with foam strips

For the larger drawers, I nested a solid circle behind the white and inked the white. Used sticker letters for the labels.

I used 2 different pieces of paper as the top 2 are just reverse of each other. But I liked the white-on-black and black-on-white look. I think using the same paper in each drawer would look great as well. The drawers are 13" I did a pretty good job of matching up the one end of the can't tell where the seam is at all!!!

I'm not done with Lucky's room yet as we need to find paper that she likes, and then we can do this same thing to all her storage bins. But what a great way to "dress up" here guest bedroom!!!

In the meantime, this will stay in the store as a sample....and inside are all my scraps that I can use next time I come out! I can hardly wait to get home and do this to my studio. Let's see....100 drawers....50 sheets of paper....I like turquoise, blue......

Time to go shopping again? LOLOL!!!


Edie said...

Lovely! I spent the day sorting out cardstock by color families and filled 20 pizza boxes - yikes! It didn't look like nearly that much when there was a pack here, a pack there, a pack under that stack... of course, I could never find anything when i wanted to use it, either.

Spring cleaning fever is here!

Lucky is one lucky lady!


Jen Lowe said...

I LOVE to organize! And it was so much fun helping Lucky get her room in order. I can play with all her stuff as well!!!! LOL!