Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reviewing the Scor-it

Well, I'm not so sure this is a legitimate review as I'm NOT going to use paper....I'm going to score copper! WOW!!

Not sure if you can see the black zip bag that comes with it. I truly love this! I am such a collector of bags, boxes, suitcases,'s just sad!

Here it is close up. I like that stop. It's moveable. And it's a great feature for repeat scores..which we'll discuss in an upcoming blog.

This little tool makes very nice deep scores in copper. You need that if you are planning to fold copper.

Just place the copper over the center metal strip, and press the tool down into it.

I scored this on the front and the back

and then folded it in, out and back to make a frame. So all one single piece of copper. By the way, this is a scrap from one of my demos where I show students how to flame paint copper. Just love this stuff...but needed to figure out something fun to do with all my scraps!

Next, I embossed copper in a cuttlebug folder and cut it out. Then chalked it with my colorbox queues. Just for fun!

Yesterday, I did hammered wire on stones and added silver. Today, I decided to do hammered wire on these pieces and then I decided to switch from brass to colored wire to bring out the colors from the painted copper. Note the tiny little diecut leaves down the side...that's .999 fine silver!

So, of course, I had to do another piece. This one has some Amaco pewter in the background and silver hearts.

And then because I was playing with different colored wires, I decided to see what silver wire looked like on stone with a diecut flower.

I do think I'm going to have to talk to Kerry.....he is going to have to start taking me out more so I have somewhere to wear all this gorgeous jewelry! LOL!!!

So...if you have heard about the Scor-it and were wondering if you should get recommendation is that there are more ways to play with it than you can imagine! It's not just for scoring's for scoring anything you want! If it will score through copper, it will score leather, fabric, chipboard.....the possibilities are endless!

You know....I love it when I can enable my artistic pals! I'd have to say...just buy it!


TA Carbone said...

I to love my Scor It. Now where did you get the bag for it


Margie H said...

Love my ScorIt too!!! BUT I didn't know they had a bag?! LOL!! Hmm...