Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Keepsake Embossing Boards

More pre-CHA play from this week! I was fortunate enough to get to play with some embossing boards from the Glitter girls. Fun stuff! Now, usually, I think these boards are used by cardmakers and they asked me to try using them on layouts. I did have a bit of fun. This first one used the Romance Board. Their website has all kinds of videos that show you how to use the boards. You simply emboss the design into the paper and if you want, you can cut the designs out and adhere them to the paper.

I've used Scrapperdashery paper for these projects. For this second layout, I used the Bookatrix board. I also have used Amaco's copper.

In this corner (no, this is not boxing! LOL!) I embossed the flowers and cut them out. Yes, you can emboss and cut them out in copper as well. I used my copper flame painting technique on the flowers.

My friend, Sherri Burrisk, was here on Wednesday, and she made all the elements using polyshrink and gave me an ok to use them on this LO for CHA. I will have to do another blog showing how to create these fun, dimensional elements for a page.

I titled this LO "Past Fall" and the journaling reads, "12 little girls, long past fall, born in the early 1900, only one, Aunt Dorothy, the baby in this photo is still living. The seasons of life....Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I think I like Fall best. It's wiser than summer and more agile than winter. And the leaves are so pretty and there is time to notice them."

You can see in the next scan that I've embossed the leaves into the background paper, highlighted them with distress ink, and then embossed them into copper, cut them out, heat painted them and adhered them to the top of the layout.

And here are 2 more of Sherri's gorgeous elements created with polyshrink! I just love it when the collaboration of 2 artists comes together to make a fun project! Again, If you are attending CHA, you can see this up close in the Glitter Girls booth!

I think one of these days I should have a play day with all my creative friends....we should just make as many fun things as we can, toss them all out into the center of the table and see what we can come up with as an end project.....I know it would be great! But for today, if you haven't tried an embossing board....give it a try....sort of fun, even on a layout!

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