Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sick as a dog

So, does anyone know where that expression comes from? This is my little 5 pound Chihuahua, Men (short for Menimum). He is always ready to kiss anyone, especially me when I don't feel so well.

Last Friday, I lost my voice for the day. Didn't think much about it, my sis came down and it didn't take long for me to find it (my voice). By Sunday, I had a pretty good cough going...deep down in my chest. Had a Lucy McGoo play day here on Monday and by the time the gals all left....all I wanted to do was to crawl into bed. Mind you..I had not slowed down working in my studio...was just having a bit too much fun.

As this week has progressed, so has my cough. No fever, nothing head related..just so deep in my chest and coughing so hard I couldn't get my breath in. Kerry says to me yesterday, "you need to call your doctor, I think you have pneumonia." And my reply (as always) is, "My HMO won't do a thing til I've been sick for a week unless there's a temp or I'm coughing up something green".

Well....I think I pulled some muscles with all that coughing. I woke up this morning and my chest hurt so bad I nearly cried each time I coughed. And then there was this piercing pain in my right hip every time I coughed. I've slept on the sofa the past 3 nights, propped up in a sitting position because I can't begin to lay down...there's too much noise in my lungs.

Amazing when I called the doctor with my symptoms, they got me in within an hour. OK..I sort of figured Kerry was right and I think they knew it. Sure enough...I have pneumonia. I believe it's the first time in my life. But that got me to thinking. I never call a doctor when I'm sick....I just go through a regimen of home remedies and over-the-counter products. So perhaps I've had pneumonia in the past....just never diagnosed with it.

It hurts. It hurts to cough, to breathe, to just "be". I've started on 3 prescriptions and the doc said I should feel some relief within 48 hours. I'm thinking I might not live through the next 48 hours! LOL! OK....I WILL live...I just don't "feel" like I will. I am truly lucky as the last time I was sick was in October, 2005, after our trip to Israel and Egypt. I know that was the water in Egypt....completely different. I suppose that with the odds in life, it's time for me to let my body have some down time.

But when you are sick and you are an there downtime for you mind? I have a sketch pad next to me and have been filling it with ideas and thoughts. My laptop is right here and I've been looking at more digital scrapbooking lessons when I'm awake. Today...I've been asleep more than awake, but my notebook is still filling up!

The doctor didn't think this is contageous, but he wasn't sure. I asked him if it could be schedule related...just being on the "go" for so long and he just gave me the funniest look! So I explained my recent creative burst and he said that I could well have run myself down. He had a good laugh over that one. Said he had never heard of anyone "playing themselves sick"!

I really hate it when Kerry is right. But I think the next time he tells me to call the doctor...I will! Sick as a dog...that's me!

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