Friday, January 11, 2008

Imagine the Joy!!!

Most days I need inspiration to meet my goals. And then there are those days when nothing helps. But on a rare occasion, I wake up and know just what I'm going to do! Yesterday was one of those days. Not only did I finish my Hope Flies necklace, I finished my diet journal.

YIKES!!! Did I just say "diet"??? That 4-letter word that no one likes to hear? of my goals for 2008 is to imagine the joy of being 20 pounds lighter. OK....not my goal weight...just 20 pounds off this year. I'm definitely a yo-yo dieter, bouncing up and down with my weight. I took off 20 pounds last year and if I can do the same this year...I'll be on the track to healthier living.

It seems I am most successful at this if I keep a journal of what I eat every day....and if I can get in 10,000 steps a day. So far this year, I am not doing so great. So I woke up inspired to take that old calendar from 2006 apart and use the elements from it that I love, adding more and adding stamps. The end result:

Most of this is Basic Gray paper, some papers I found in Paris in 2006, and a whole lot of Creative-Crystals These are hot-fix Swarovski crystals and I just cannot get enough of them. I adorned the lady's hat with them, put 6 coming down from the Star of David (for the 6 points in the star) and 2 on the sign "Celebrate Life". Below that are the words "Imagine the Joy"....what I will focus on thinking about each time I want a slice of cheesecake in 2008!

Down the right side....five hundred twentyfive thousand....the number of minutes in 2008....the amount of time I have to meet my goal. Diecut with Spellbinders Playful font, covered with Ranger's Glossy Accents. The stamps are all Rhonna Farrer by Autumn Leaves or Hero Arts Clear Designs. The 2 layer diecut "hat" in the upper left hand corner and the Star of DAvid are also Spellbinders dies.

The back of the journal is just a hodgepodge....but I think by layering stamps on top of old papers, I've come up with a journal that I can take anywhere. Inside....a diet journal I picked up at know, nothing is safe when it gets into my hands!!!

Hmmm.....perhaps I should start carrying this with me to the restaurants we frequent. Think if I have to write it down before I eat will slow me down?

If you are laughing about know me well!!!

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Margie H said...

Great job on the many FUN items on it!
Guess what came in the mail today..your RAK!! THANK YOU!! I can't wait to use it! Well..maybe after CHA craziness is done! LOL!!
Thanks again, Jen!!
MargieH in Chicago