Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hope Flies

Done! I just love it when a project is done and it all comes together! I feel like I could fly! But this is "Hope Flies", my submission for Amaco's Hope on a Rope challenge.

That was up close, this is the whole piece:

So, let me explain it. That center focal piece is Fimo Soft black polymer clay over a tiny amulet (glass bottle). Totally hidden, but it's there. And the bottle can be opened by removing the wires that wrap around the piece.

When worn, I think it's going to look like a piece of art! I'm so pleased with the end result. And I hope it will bring great joy to whoever ends up with this.

To make this piece:

14 beads made using the # 8 bead roller with Fimo soft black clay.
6 flower beads made with Fimo soft turquoise clay and a mold I made from a button.
1 focal bead made by hand to cover the amulet

Each bead was then partially covered with slices of a cane made using Lisa Pavelka's Kaleidoscope Smooch Caning technique using techniques showcased in the Clay Cafe videos by Linda Peterson. See my Kaleidoscrocks blog!

Beads were then baked.

Next, they were covered with EberhardFaber Gloss Lacquer

Art Clay Silver paper type punched elements were adhered to the center front of the focal bead. I punched the paper type, fired these are .999 Fine Silver decorative elements....I think it gives the piece a little something extra....knowing that you are wearing fine silver might add a little hope!

Fimo beads were combined with junk silver beads and Swarovski crystals on Beadalon Nylon coated Stainless Steel bead stringing wire.

The entire piece was then wrapped with 2 strands of Arcor 14Ga Tinned copper that was twisted and shaped around the beads.

Finally, I added a strand of Swarovski crystals right on the center top with 4 little strands hanging on the sides of the focal bead.

As always, you visit my Picasa album for a larger view of what you see here. I have several views of this necklace as I just didn't know how many to post here.

What I wrote for my entry:

My dear friend Janis has cancer. This past year, I sat with her during her 8 hour chemo injections. 25 years ago, I sat with her while they removed life support from her 3 year old son who had been hit by a car while running to catch a ball. This woman, this friend, is my pillar of strength, my beacon of hope, and she has taught me that no matter what we must endure in this life, we are strong enough to fly high above the obstacles we face. My hope is that Janis will beat this disease, and that children everywhere will fly high!

May your hope allow you to fly high every day.

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Bethany said...

Wow! What a phenomenal piece...definitely inspiring.