Sunday, December 30, 2007

Calendar Girl

It may take me the entire month to get my calendar made for 2008! This is not going fast! But so far....what fun!!!

The doll on the left has a body and arms from Spellbinders art doll parts die. Yes, I trimmed her waistline down to fit her dress. But that's what I was talking about the other day....alter the diecuts to met your needs. I penciled in her face, a bit of fuzzy yarn for her hair.

Her skirt is slit and there's a double tag in that pocket, one inside the skirt and one in front. When I get to the actual month of my calendar, these will be places to make little notes and store little things!

On the top right, I used one of the library card envelope die. Now, you can see the bottom of the hanger, the tag is wrapped around that and stuck down inside the envelope. The hanger will pull up and pull the tag out of the envelope. I had positioned my die on the paper so the 2 little girls would cut out. On top of the envelope, I created a skirt for the little girl on the right using a stamp. Cut a slit behind her and stuck an inked brass wing. That's a SU clip on the top of the envelope. Have to love those itty bitty clips! The shoe is colored with alcohol ink.

I think I sort of like where I'm going with this calendar....This is a left side page, thus the margin down the right where I will punch holes. I've decided it's definitely going to be an art doll calendar! So join me this week as I wander through this creative process and we'll see what I can come up with. 12 months = 24 pages...I think I have much to do!!!

Most of the time, I don't know when to quit and after looking at this page scanned, I decided to go back and add a couple of flourishes (Crafty Secrets makes some really nice tiny ones) and then stipple some color on her arms and bodice. I think I like this just a little better:

And I have to be time is over for today! LOL!

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