Monday, December 31, 2007

My "house" line

I think as a child I must have been dyslexic. I so struggeled with my b's and d's....and my p's and q's. I still have trouble with them to this very day. But "back then" I don't think we had a label!

I also had big problems with names. I spelled Uncle Wendell as "Window" and thought Aunt Yvonne was Auntie Von. My grandmother was Myrtle House and I could never make myself say, "We're going to Grandma House's House" because I thought people would think I was stuttering! So I just said we were going to Grandma Myrtle's House.....and still thought that was totally confusing!

Funny now how willing I am to confess my childhood problems! I've come to the conclusion they just weren't as mammoth as I once thought they were! In fact, I sort of like a little play on words these days! Mom sent me this photo of her brother's family....they are indeed the House family and since this is a photo of the Houses in front of their house...the title had to be "From our house to yours!'

Am I bad or what? Well, at least I eventually learned how to correctly spell my Aunt and Uncle's names! My cousins Gary and Gwen are here with their spouses and kids. My Aunt and Uncle live in North Carolina and I don't know why, but I always think of fall colors and beautiful leaves when I think of that state, so I chose these papers from ScrappersGuide. I'm having a bit of fun with these brushes, today I added a bit of a shadow to the brushes and played with shadows on the font.

Amazing what a simple change in font can do to the entire layout:

This is my 5th digital layout. But I'm thinking it would make a great print for my Aunt's front door!

My "house" has truly been blessed by so many cousins, aunts and uncles! I love the internet and allows us to watch the kids grow up even when they live 2000 miles away! Here's hoping your "house" will be blessed in the coming year!

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