Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hanky doll

Another idea for making an art doll is to dress them with a hanky.

Grandma's hanky doll
wears a cute little dress
That you can take and use
If you get in a mess
And when you need to sneeze
And you hear a "bless you"
Just pull her dress right off...
It's a hanky for you!!!

I do have fun with my poetry....
and even though it's not's me!

I wrote this one several years ago after Grandma Hazel died. I need to go find the hanky babies and take a photo of them.

Grandma's hanky:

When I was a child, I'd hear Grandma say
"Let's make us some babies so we can play."

She'd fold her hanky and soon there'd be
a cradle with babies just made for me!

When I was a teen and needed to cry
Grandma used that hanky to wipe my eye.

I needed something old on my wedding day.
She handed me her hanky and I was on my way.

When my son was born she made a tiny hat,
a fold and a stitch, just as simple as that!

As I grew older, I'd hear myself say,
"I guess Grandma was here today."

I'd find her hanky on the bed or on the floor.
Who else could it be by Grandma Moore?

A hanky in hand, we laid her to rest.
No one will argue, she was the best!

Cherish the memories and hear Grandma say,
"Let's make us some babies....let's go play!"

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