Thursday, November 22, 2007

Flame painting

One of the ways I continue to develop as an artist is to take classes, learn new techniques and then experiment with that technique to see what I can do with it. I used to think that when you heated copper past the color change to gray, you were done with it. Can't tell you how many pieces I've thrown in the trash over the years! Not any more!

This is "flame painting" on copper, using a torch, LOS, Mr Clean, water, etc. to give brilliant colors. I think the more you heat and dip, spritz and dip, experiment and play, the better it turns out.

These butterflies are the same dies I posted yesterday where I used paper and chalk. Today, I diecut and embossed them in copper, then flame painted them. I plan to purchase a "real" torch this week just to see what I can come up with. For these I just used a little kitchen torch. But it still gave me some brilliant colors and when I overlaid these on the cards I did yesterday, they are truly magnificant!

I think a flame painting instructional video is in the near future...I just need to figure out the mechanics of how to do that. In the meantime, I will work on more samples.

I had my first of 5 soldering classes last night where we used a large propane torch that had to be lit with a cigarette lighter. Being a non-smoker....I couldn't get the cigarette lighter to light! Pretty funny! But at least I am starting to get over my fear of torches, propane and lighters. We finished 2 sterling silver rings last night and the teacher said my joints were just fine. I'm anxious for next week. Once I learn how to solder next step will be to tackle soldering copper. I can see these butterflies soldered into lovely rings and swirls and then turned into pendants. I can hardly wait to learn so I can play even more!

But flame painting? Who ever thought I would one day turn to a torch to paint! Maybe I will eventually get around to painting on paper, but for now, this is a bit fun!

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