Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Challenges I've had

My life has been filled with challenges. Some more "trying" than others. I have learned that there are good challenges and bad challenges in life. Regardless of the type of challenge....I have learned and grown through each one of them.

I commented yesterday that my time as a designer for Ranger has had many artistic challenges....some better than others. When the call came to use 75% beeswax on a project, I literally thought I was going to cry. OK...I think I did! I have never really worked with beeswax in my life. True challenge....doing something you have never done.

Of course, I fell in LOVE with it!

I found a wonderful metal heart and knew that collage was what I wanted to do. I had some vintage art glass and decided to experiment and see what that looks like in wax as well. I just happen to love anything from Art Glitter Institute! And yes, I did color the wax red. And layered it onto the metal using pink tissue paper torn into little pieces.

When you stamp into hot wax, I found that the stamp went all the way to the metal which gives a cool look.

I poured leftover was into an ice cube mold and made the heart shape for the "tail". It truly looked good enough to eat!

With even more leftover and beads, I made a little dangling ornament. Just wrap wire around the molded shape as a way to attach it to something else. Fun Wire is the "only" wire to use...it's named "fun" for a very good reason!

Most of the little angels in the collage are stickers from Crafty Secrets....a truly wonderful company with an amazing, non-stop source of vintage ephemera. I met the owner, Sandy, on the cruise I taught on and I guarantee you, you will love her, love her product, love the fabulous customer service she offers....and I know you will be 100% satisfied with anything you get from her online store! If you love collage like I do....you will love this stuff. She even has rubber stamps!

I've done some amazing projects with her products....many of them have been published. Maybe my next "challenge" will be to share them in this blog!

So, have you been challenged in your art lately? If not....try beeswax! And don't get me wrong...I had plenty of failures and flops before I got this heart right! As my friend Torrey says, there are no flops, just flopportunities!!!

Vintage Art Glass
Fun Wire
Crafty Secrets (vintage ephemera)

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buffie said...

Can't believe the year with Ranger has passed. As usual, you amaze and inspire me! :o)