Friday, July 2, 2010

Some days, you just have to turn all political!

No, that video is not here as a mistake! And worth all 6 minutes of your time to view the entire piece. Consider this. If we allow islam to take over this nation....none of us will be doing any art.

And if you think Islam would not prevent us from doing art......look around you. How many muslims out there are busy promoting art? preserving art?

Sometimes, I think a little politics is good. It helps us "think" about the future of our passion for this industry.

Feel free to send the video to your congressman. The guy isn't even an American and he says it better than anyone I've heard recently!!!

And feel free to unsubscribe from my blog if you are pro-muslim or pro islam, or anti-semitic. I am the biggest supporter of Jews that you will ever meet as indicated by my art and my love of everything Judaic.

And thanks to my dear friend who shared this video with me!


Sonya said...

Jen, Was trying to watch the video but it will not load past a certain point and just sits with a twirling "loading" circle. Is there a direct link to this video so I can watch it?

Jen Lowe said...

You must have a mac! (twirling "loading" circle) - happens to me a lot!