Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stephen Morse - genealogy - Denver Seminar

I often hear the comment, "I'm here - it doesn't matter where I came from!" and that's true for certain! But I find it absolutely fascinating to learn about the past of those who got me here. Questions did a family migrate? What country did they come from? are all good....but why do I have brown eyes and dark skin and my sister have brown eyes and fair skin? What bits and pieces of our ancestors make up the unique DNA of each of us? How do I find out what makes me me? And when your maiden name is something like MOORE - how do you track down a single ancestor? Worse than hunting for a needle in a haystack!!!

If you live in Colorado and do genealogy, I think you will want to attend this one-day seminar. 10-10-10 - gotta love the date! Stephen Morse is the man who invented the 8086 processor - pre pentium processor stuff. Then he took up genealogy and created the One-step website. Just click on the flyer above, print and send it in. It's as easy as that!

Oh - just check out the full day agenda. I don't know which session I'm most interested in - they all look great!

$40 includes a one year membership to JGSCO (I'm their new secretary) and a box lunch PLUS admission to all the sessions. What a steal!!!

I'll be waiting for you at the door!!!

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