Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Altering my Lampstand

I have been looking for a Menorah for ages. Didn't want to plop down a chunk of change....yet still believe that we should not spare expenses when it comes to honoring Jehovah.

Did you know that the 8 candles should all be the same level? And that the 9th candle, the Shamash, the attendant candle sits a little higher or lower than the others. And that you use it to light the candles from left to right.

Actually, rather than candles, one should have oil holders and use olive oil with candle wicks.

It's called a lampstand in the Bible. Mentioned 39 times.

We are only 3 nights away from Hanukkah and I'm getting so excited! The house is abuzz with video preparations, ideas are flowing, and I have to say, this year, 8 Nights of Lights is not going to be for the weak or faint! LOL!!! Hint - get a torch!!! Remember - it's about light. After all, He is a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my path......

I found this Menorah at my local hardware store and in my mind's eye....I knew exactly what it would look like when I was done with it.

First up, I took off all the cheap charms. Then I replaced them with sterling silver charms and swarovski crystals. It took me a couple of hours and some creative jump ring making....

But oh! How I love the final results! A Menorah that I can use for years to come, and pass down to future generations.

And this one has such special meaning for me. I bought the star in the circle on the far left when Grandma Myrtle House died in 1994. The Mezuzzah on the far right was purchased in memory of Grandma Moore when she passed in 1993. And the star that is second to the right was purchsed in 1992 when my dad passed away. I've kept them all this time and have finally found a way to display them, and continue to honor their memory.

Altered art. Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

Fit to worship the King this Hanukkah season.

PS: Charms were purchased from 1-800-dreidlecrafts


Margie H said...

OMGosh, Jen...this is beautiful! I love the meanings behind some of your charms. This is indeed extraordinary!!

Anonymous said...

Your Menorah is just beautiful. You've inspired me to try to make my own. Maybe I'll just take my old one & alter it a bit. You've really got me thinking.
All of your work in fabulous. Thanks so much for showing it to us.

Neet said...

i think this is absolutely beautiful. I love how you have changed it and the sentiment behind the charms that you have hanging from it. The beads are just the right touch. Where do you manage to buy the charms from?

Jen Lowe said...

Neet, I just edited the blog to add a link to my source for the charms: