Monday, December 7, 2009

Hand cut Star of David

Do you ever wake up and think...."wow! would that work?" OK, I do that all the time! About a year ago, I did a tutorial on how to make a 6 - pointed snowflake. So I woke up the other morning wondering if the same technique would work to make a 6 pointed Star of David.....and of does!

You just have to do your sketches without the outside "snowflake" tips:

and then cut them out:

tilt our head to the right and left - do you see the Star of David?
You can cut curved lines:

and you can use plain typewriter paper - great on a dark background.
This one is what I would call a "perfect" cut. Turn your head just a little to the left and see the layers of stars in this one?

and by doing the exact same cut, but changing the angle of the lines, you can get a different look:

It is said that King David's shield was in the shape of a 6 pointed star. But it is a reference to God, who shielded him i battle and during his flight from Saul.

Some say it refers to the shield spoken of in Psalms 18: 31-36.

For me, I simply see it in every snowflake that falls to earth. It is His design - it is my artistic inspiration, and it means that I am seeking His return - my shield.

So have fun making snowflakes - I'll be busy making stars from now on!!!