Sunday, November 15, 2009

Glass and silver

Rhonda flew in from California this weekend to learn how to fuse silver inside of glass. I think she had a bit of fun!!! I know I did!

"they" said it couldn't be done. "they" said that silver stains glass, that you can't put silver inside of it. And take a look....the silver is under a top layer of clear glass, over a bottom layer of dichroic glass....

I've used a Spellbinders die on this piece of silver, and the silver gets fired first, then a second firing is done to fuse the silver inside the glass.

This one has to be my favorite piece. Hardly any bubbles. No silver stain. TWO pices of silver layered together, just adorable!

Those were sizzix diecuts and below is another Spellbinders die. A perfect piece! I'm using ACS Paper type metal clay to do this with.

So if you want to come learn how to do this fantastic technique, just email me and we'll set up a class. I think Rhonda would tell you that while you learn a also have a whole lot of fun!!!

And what wonderful pendants for someone special!

Be sure to tell "them" that it CAN be done!!! LOL!!!

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