Monday, November 16, 2009

More silver in glass

We really put out the glass this past weekend and I wanted to share some more pieces that have .999 fine silver (Art Clay Silver) fused between layers of glass. This is a gorgeous pendant that Rhonda made:

These are tiny little diecuts using a Spellbinders die:

Now, while this one does have a few air bubbles in it...who will see them from a distance?

I have a new circle glass cutter that really helps!

And is this just too cute? A wedding cake! I already know a bride-to-be who's getting this one!

Unique, one-of-a kind gifts. If you see one that you want, just let me now! I'll see if Ronda wants to sell hers! (I can hear her telling me "no way" already! LOL!) So I guess you'll have to fly in and take the class as well!

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