Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friendly Plastic for sale!

OK, first up, I've cut strips and made up some kits. You get a full strip of Black, Cobra and white, a 1/2" wide strip of black and white already fused togther, a 1/2" strip of turquoise, and then a 1/4" strip of metallic print swirl, avacado, silver, silver spectra, fuchsia and gold.

With this kit, you can make at least 2 bracelets, or 1 bracelet and 3 pendants...and probably a whole lot more if you utilize all the scraps like I do!

$15.00 plus shipping.

Then I have some strips up for sale. $1.47 each Metallic Print Pearl, Metallic print swirl, cobra, white, metallic print turquoise.

I have loads of half strips at $.75 each

Have sold out of the prints, only a few of the solids left!

And I've made up 2oz bags of pellets $3.50 each. And trust me, 2 oz will go a long way!!!

So, while you are ordering Liz's DVDs and books - (almost completely sold out of books/dvds) get some Friendly Plastic to play with as well!!! To order, just send me your zip code, the items you want, your paypal address and I'll calculate your total and send you an invoice.

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