Sunday, November 1, 2009

Other uses for Friendly Plastic

So what can you do with Friendly Plastic when you've made all the jewelry you can possibly wear or give away or sell? I think it's a great way to enhance anything else.

I went walking through Hobby Lobby and saw this snowflake. 40% off, so less than $1.00 Not bad as it was.....

But look at the difference when I simply too scraps of pieces of Friendly Plastic and melted them together, then cut out a star for the center of the snowflake. Look closely. You can see some of Jana's Fracture n Fusion, some marbled pieces, and who know what else. It all came out of my "trash" bin.

And yes, you could hang this in the window, or on your tree....but I think it gets a definite "wow" when I simply layer it on top of paper:

Or how about a star on a star on a star?

And I think you can see that as you start to change backgrounds, you can get an even different look:

I simply used a griddle, laid my junk pieces on top of each other in a mish-mash pattern, let them all melt down together, tapped them to get the lumps out, and then used a cookie cutter to cut out the star.

And since this is not something I'm going to be wearing, I just used a really thick layer of Glossy Accents on top. Now, this is just a great way to use up your scraps.....and even kids can have fun doing this!

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