Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Are you like me? You know you want to do something....enter a contest, submit to a magazine.....and you just wait and wait and then you think, "No way can I get that done in 2 days!!!"


Gotcha, didn't I? I swear, I always thought I was so guilty of this. I've worked in an office for 33 years and I would wait til Friday morning to create a report that was due at 8 am that morning! OK - I often made the report at 8:15 am.....always a bit late! My excuse....they got the latest information that way! LOLOL!!!!

Well guess what? Amaco has extended their deadline for their CHA challenge to November 18!!! Now, absolutely NO excuses! I have Friendly Plastic here in my little store and you can have it on Thursday if you ship it priority mail. And even if you want first class - you'd have it on Monday!

And I still have 3 of Liz's books and 1 of Sarah's DVDs , so if you need instruction, we can even help you with that.

I'm going to host TWO more play days if you live in Colorado! There's going to be another Friendly Plastic party this Saturday, November 7, in Eagle CO. And then I'll do one on Thursday, November 12, here in Lafayette in my studio. Everything is provided - you just come make a butterfly or piece of jewelry that we can submit to the Children's Memorial in Houston!

Email if you want to attend either of these events.....or if you want to place an order for Friendly Plastic!

I have to wonder how far they might extend the definition of a butterfly for the project! Meet "Miss" These Wings Weren't Meant for Flying!"

Now yes, that's a butterfly cookie cutter I used for her wings with Liz's ooooooooze technique. I just think she is absolutely adorable! I'd like to see a whole series of butterfly girls.....anyone want to join me? And remember, I can't compete - so I'm just giving away all my ideas for you to copy! OK - the doll is Liz's, the oooze is Liz's - my idea was to assemble them to create a butterfly girl and I think she is beyond adorable!

Stay tuned as I've got a few more ideas to share!

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You and me both Jen, she is absolutely lovely.