Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friendly Plastic books and DVDs for sale

When Liz Welch was here, she bought so much stuff that she didn't have room in her bags to take home the DVDs and books she brought to sell. So I am selling them for her!!! Trust me...these are a limited edition as far as getting cheap shipping within the US! It's first come, first serve for sure! Some of these have even been signed!

First up is her DVD - Bend it Shape it $25.00 plus shipping (I'm happy to send priority mail or media rate)

"Create texture with Friendly Plastic by stamping in to it with rubber stamps, thick lace or objects around the home.

Join strips together to create wonderful patchwork effects.....

Use moulds to shape and form the plastic......

Try Liz's unique lacework technique.....

and oooze......

90 minutes, so loads and loads of ideas in this one!


Then I have several copies of her book: Friendly Plastic for Starters. $15.00 45 pages. In this book, Liz shows you how to do moulding, cutting, stamping, piecing, rolling, modelling, manipulating and layering. Projects include patchwork, mosaics, texture tiles and beads. She also has a whole section on finishing your piece.


Liz also left a few DVDs by her good friend Sarah Lawrence. This first one, "The Decorated Surface", is $25.00. 90 minutes. In this DVD, Sarah will show you how to create texture and drama with paint and scraping tools, how to color and decorate all sorts of surfaces including wood, plastic and fabric. She uses found objects as printing tools and will show you how to use rubber bands to make background surfaces. She incorporates Friendly Plastic, foils, bottlecaps and shrink plastic into her art. Again - it's called the decorated surface and that's just what she's doing - decorating surfaces!


And then there is just ONE of this DVD - "Simply Fused" $22.00. Sarah will show you how to use Angelina and Crystalina fibres. Ok, we know them as Fantasy Fibers by Art Glitter.


So, if you want to order these, simply send an email to me at and list which product you want by title. Include your zip code, tell me whether you want priority or media rate mail, and include your paypal email. I will create an invoice and email it to you via paypal. And since this is Saturday, and the mail is already closed here, these won't go out until Monday. As we sell out, I'll come back to this blog and add notes.

How fun that I can sell these for Liz - it makes it seem like she's still right here!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, thanks so much for doing this. If you run out, then I can ship direct from the UK, but obviously the cost will be more.