Friday, October 23, 2009

Blog- counterblog

First, you have to go read Linda's blog from yesterday.

This is my "counterblog". LOL!

I don't have a photographic memory at all..I barely have any memory. But I do clean once in awhile and have to move things and dust them, so yeah, I pretty much know what's in my house.....especially when there's something "new" for me to dust!

I have way too much stuff and don't like to "work"!

and yes, I really do love all of my sisters. They are just so much fun! But no, never tell them something you don't want them to share with me.....we're just not that kind of sisters. We share everything!!! But really, Colleen only hinted for me to look in my studio.

And I do love dressforms. why? Because I have never had and will never have a shape like that! LOL!!!

I have little decorative "clusters" throughout the house. This is in the guest bedroom - where I hang jewelry that I don't wear, but don't want to part with. The little earring holder on the left was given to me by my dear friend Lucky - I just adore it. Again....I'll never have "that" shape!

Since I "know" my earrings, it wasn't hard to spot the ones Linda made (square purple).

This is one of my favorite corners. I did the punch embrodery bears in the frame, made the dolls in the glass case, my aunt did the counted cross stitch, my sister made the fabric doll, my Great Aunt Nellie's perfume bottle, Grandma Hazel's doorstop (the glass ball) many fun things to look at and they just bring back fond memories.
Now, the reason I spotted the necklace on the table top dress form is that I usually have my high school charm bracelet around the neck as a "necklace". So I immediatley knew something was amiss! The bracelet is visiting my studio as I make molds of the various charms. So the neck should have been empty!

I do think each piece is going to stay right where it is and become part of my permanent decor. It just fits so well. But I have to tell you, it was such a fun treasure hunt that I might start leaving pieces where ever I travel! What a great idea and I just have to thank Linda for yet another adventure in my life!

and for more stuff to dust! :o)

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