Monday, October 26, 2009

WOW moments

I am lost in the world of genealogy. Waving goodbye forever as I sink farther and farther down into the never ending hole of research, notes, printed family trees, photographs, emails, census pages......

Just kidding!!!

What a fantastic few days I have had! And I'm not even doing this for me or my family. I'm working on a family tree of the descendants and ancestors of the Cotopaxi Colony. Jewish immigrants. So I'm learning a little yiddish as well!

Dad bought the Texaco station in Cotopaxi in the early 70s and my brother still lives just south of town. While there were others before the colony, it was the Jewish immigrants who probably put the "town" on the map and I am just having the best time ever with my research.

And today, I got an email with 3 "WOW's" in it from a descendant of the colony. More than enough to keep me going.

I also spent today at the Denver Public Library's Genealogy center. If you haven't been there.....and you don't already know, it is one of the 5 largest genealogy research centers in the states. And just 26 miles down the road from me. I had not been there in over 20 years and much has changed.....but much is still the same.

There is a story to be told about the colony and when I have it written, I will share it here. So I am creating....creating memories to share on paper. Maybe I'll have to add some art to them as well!

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