Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friendly Plastic colors

So, are you like me? I get confused as to what colors of Friendly Plastic are still available.....and what are discontinued. I decided it was time to put an end to that and have made up 2 keyrings with samples. One has all the colors that you can currently get at Amaco.....and the other is made up of samples of what is no longer available (and might be more likely to be "snappers".)

For the current colors, I cut 3" pieces:

and labeled the back:

Then I did a separate key ring with 2" strips of what you can no longer order:
(but I really do love some of these colors and you might find them at Thompson's in Denver, just north of Wadsworth and Colfax).

And then I hung them over my workbench....along with my ring of mini sharpie pens.

In case you are wondering, here's a list of the current colors and their order numbers:

1. Metallic solid copper/black 70641C
2. Metallic solid Fuchsia/Black 70645G
3. Metallic solid gold/black 70646H
4. Metallic solid green/blue 70648K
5. Metallic solid purple/black 70656V
6. Metallic solid red/red 70657W
7. Metallic solid silver/black 70659B
8. Metallic solid royal blue/black 70658X
9. Metallic solid burnt orange/black 70640B
10. Metallic solid Indian red/black 70649L
11. Metallic solid pewter/black 70655T
12. Metallic solid flat gold/black 70644F
13. Metallic solid black/black 70638X
14. Metallic solid white/white 70662E
15. Metallic solid light blue/black 70651N
16. Metallic solid mauve/black 70652P
17. Metallic solid orange copper/black 706545S
18. Metallic solid dark teal/black 70642D
19. Metallic solid avvacado/black 70637W
20. Metallic solid gold/white 70647J
21. Metallic solid lavender/blue 70650M
22. Metallic print cobra silver/black 70607X
23. Metallic print red spectra/red 70629L
24. Metallic print green/blue 70618R
25. Metallic print rainbow/black 70628K
26. Metallic print swirl/blue 70633R
27. Metallic print turquoise/blue 70634S
28. Metallic print pearl/white 70621V
29. Metallic print pearl mint/white 70624F
30. Metallic print pearl red/red 70623X
31. Metallic print silver spectra/black 70631N
32. Metallic print gold spectra/black 70615M
33. Metallic print confetti/black 70609F
34. Metallic print rainbow red/red 70715V


~~~ M ~~~ said...

What a great idea! Thank you for that! And for making the list of the current stuff. It's so much easier to SEE what each one is. If you don't mind, I might just end up copying you!

:-) Marilyn

Mylene said...

Oh Jen, you come up with the best ideas. I think I will do likewise! Thank you.