Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Moore Stuff

Once upon a time, there was a young woman who started having little girls..almost one every year! Although they didn't have much, they liked to keep what they did have. Because it was their "stuff"! That was "once upon a time" and this is now and those 4 little girls are all grown up and boy! do they have stuff! They have 50 + years of stuff these days! They have so much stuff, they trade stuff, share stuff, give stuff away and sell stuff!!! OK, they are getting ready to sell more of their stuff on ebay!! I think once they start selling their stuff, you will have fun looking at their stuff because you never know what kind of stuff you might might need their one can have more stuff that the 4 Moore girls....they really have some great stuff!!!


But first, a bit more about the Moore girls (that's their maiden name) and why they have so much stuff!!!

The oldest Moore girl grew up, got married, had 2 kids, got an MBA degree, owned an antique shop, collected way too much stuff, retired, became an artist, collected even more stuff, made stuff, altered stuff and now needs to sell stuff on ebay!!!

The second Moore girl grew up, got married, had 2 kids, helps her husband build 10,000 SF houses, creates wonderful stained glass windows, became a jewelry designer, collects antiques and stuff, has a house so full of stuff it's about to explode!!! Oh, you should see her attic...stuff is stuffed in there so tight...well, you can't begin to see the stuff for all the stuff in it's way!

The next Moore girl grew up, got married, owns a computer business with her hubby, works full time, and spends all her money on her stuff. This sister is really good at finding stuff that all the other sister's want! Her stuff is so good, her sisters borrow her stuff and it never gets back home. But then, there's so much stuff at her place we think she doesn't miss the stuff that we have that's really her stuff!

And then there's the little sister, the cutest sister, the one with the cutest stuff. We all want her stuff because we think it will make us young like her! Cute sis, cute much stuff these 4 Moore Girls have!!!

Of course, we blame it all on mom! She taught us how to shop, how to use coupons, lay a pattern on the fabric to save room, wash windows with water and newspaper...yep, we learned it all from her, including how often to change shoes so you can shop a little longer!!!

Somehow, we all survived each other and are pretty happy with all the Moore stuff we have today. But mostly, we are thankful to have each other. Every now and then, one of us decides to sell some more Moore stuff on ebay, but then we always check to see if one of the other Moores wants our stuff first! We swap clothes, household goods and even furniture. It's called the Moore migration. The more stuff you have, the more often you can do a Moore migration!!!

When we start our More Moore stuff sale on ebay, I'll post a link here. I think that having so much stuff is one of the reasons I create so much stuff...I need to use my stuff in new ways!!! But that just gives me more Moore stuff to sell on ebay!! OIY!!! Just know that we know that no matter how much stuff we have, family and friends are more important than our stuff. It's just fun to be a Moore....and have more Moore stuff!



Lizscraps said...

Great Stuff this Moore stuff -- gotta get more :)!

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Oh Jen, You have me rolling! Im in tears, Im laughing so hard! Why don't you bring some "moore of that stuff" to missouri with you?? You just have the greatest stuff!