Thursday, April 2, 2009

Susan Mostek's Friendly Plastic

I just had to share these pieces - she's such an amazing "student". Look at this first one. The center looks like a watercolor painting that she framed...but it's not It's one piece of inlaid friendly plastic - made with scraps. And then embellished with wire and beads. I think this is such a gorgeous pendant! Amazing wha tyou can do with scraps!

And here's one she did with a butterfly that Jodi made and didn't like. Yes, Jodi, you did too say you didn't like it! LOLOL!!! I have Susan digging in the trash over here? LOL! Such a stunning piece of jewelry - I might have to make some butterflies like this!

I really love the background she did behind the butterfly.

OK, I ran to walmart and have to tell you this. At the checkout, the young girl looked at me and asked, "Are you over 18?" I was perfectly dumb-founded and just stood there - literally unable to answer her I was in such shock. (OK, just in case you don't know - I'm 57 years old and I couldn't understand how on earth she couldn't figure that one out!!!) She continued, "By law, we have to ask that question to anyone who buys Sharpie markers - apparently the kids are sniffing them."

I immediately said, "If I were 18 and had this body - I'd be sniffing them, too!"

I thought she and the lady behind me were both going to die laughing!


OK, now you have had your funny for the day!


Anonymous said...

Susan's pieces are really great. She IS truly talented--I only wish it could rub off on me a bit. I also enjoyed your fun story. It was just too funny.

ms.cheryl said...

That was so dang funny . You just have to wonder sometimes.
Those pendants are breathtaking.

soozeedoozee said...

*W*O*W* Susan told us about the friendly plastic revival yesterday. I had no idea of these new techniques. Both pendants are beautiful! xBB - Susie B

Linda Peterson Designs said...

If we use enough "sharpies" in our work and sniff them while....will we lose weight??? hmmmmmmmm there's a thought....

I bet that just made you're day!

WendyK said...

Both pendants are gorgeous, I just love the butterfly, how did she make it ?

Joye Meyer said...

Wow! Susan's work is beautiful. Does Susan have a blog or website link? I would love to know if she has instructions for the butterfly pendant that can be purchased. Blessings, JJ

Jen Lowe said...

Susan doesn't blog. All of the instructions can be found on my blog, or at Have fun!