Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cuttlebug Friendly Backgrounds

Once I teach this class, I'll work on a video - but I think these are just pretty cool backgrounds for cards and other projects.

All done with clear pellets and cuttlebug or sizzix embossing folders

alcohol inks and pinata inks, paint brushes, Krylon pens, Brush20s,

using both the griddle and the skillet methods - and a combination on some.

No idea which one is my favorite....

But they are all just quick and easy

I normally don't make 6 different samples for a class board....but I just couldn't stop myself. I can hardly wait to see what the students come up with. The pieces are so thin they can easily be cut with scissors....but I didn't cut any of these. I totally love the one that came out looking like a dressform....and I'm thinking I just need a hanger, some clips......


Campbell said...


The one that looks like the dress form needs some "stays" on the bodice to look like a corset-perhaps reheating briefly and using a needle tool to add the lines to mimic the corset stays??


Jen Lowe said...

Excellent idea! Keep in mind these are class samples - not finished projects!!! Students can add stays or anything they want - I was just happily surprised that it melted into that shape!

JeanneLee said...

Jen these look awesome. I Have a lot of CB embossing folders to play with...look forward to a video!! (I am such a visual learning type person)