Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Something to try

You know, it just never hurts to try something! So yesterday while Susan was here, I decided to try alcohol inks in UTEE. OK, so Ranger's chemist might tell you NOT to do this....but where's the fun in that?

You can get amazingly different looks by changing the process of mixing the elements together. Try stirring, dropping, cooling and mixing, mixing while heating...

Can you see the impressions on this piece? Yet another chemical reaction!

Add in some perfect pearls:

I think this is what I'll have to call "endless play" get a different look every time!

With a little flex, you can cut these to any shape you want:


and back them with a little pewter!

Yep....another class for San Diego? My next door neighbor has the coin bezels for sale so if you are interested in buying some from her just send me a note and I'll get you the prices. What a fun play day we had!!!


Deb said...

What a fantastic idea! Have ta try this one.

inge said...

hello Jen,

very interesting results ! I can image they all come out differently, but each one is very nice .

Can you let me know how exactly that you did it ? I would like to try it myself, but don't know where to start.
I just have the Ultra thick embossing powder : is this useable ?

greetings from Belgium

Penci Petty said...

That looks awesome. Glad someone had the guts to use the alcohol inks in UTEE. Have wanted to try but knew I read somewhere not to and was afraid of some kind of explosive or something!! Have plenty of those alcohol inks but none of Suze's brights. Definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa West said...

How fun. I have played with the utee, alcohol inks and perfect pearls but not together in this fashion. what a terrific outcome. I found you while searching for blogs including bottles of hope. Lisa

Jen Lowe said...

Inge, I'll be happy to share instructions after I teach the technique in San Diego - so email me in May!

Penci -I'm sure we could concoct something that would explode! LOLOL!!! This just fizzes and pops a bit. Sort of fun to watch!

Lisa - Bottles of Hope - beyond excellent program!!! I've done them for Amaco until this year when I switched to Butterflies for the Holocaust memorial. Gotta love Amaco for supporting such wonderful programs!