Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cricut craziness

Today was basement babes. More interesting photos tomorrow.....but we mostly shared cricut secrets. I think I went a little crazy!!!

But the more I started to layer and it all up....the more I love it.

Of course, I will ink, color, embellish, add to this hopefully tomorrow. But what a fun day!!!

Basement Babes is officially an international group as this is the FOURTH time Rose has joined us from she's no longer a guest...she's part of the group! How much fun is that???


Lisa West said...

Wow that is amazing! I love texture and layering. Lisa

Calisewscook said...

Was all that done with a Cricut? I am thinking about getting one but not sure if I would use it that much. I should say I am barely beginning to scrapbook.

Jen Lowe said... was all done with the Cricut.....and all with a single cartridge - the dress up one. I'm hoping to have some time tomorrow to assemble, layer, ink and color...and see what I can turn that all into! Total fun! And I think it's perfect for a beginner!