Sunday, February 1, 2009


Do you ever participate in an art challenge? Where someone challenges you to a specific art project? Well, that's exactly what my good pal Kathy did - challenged me to a project.

Of course, I procrastinated, waited, put it off, til the very last moment.....

and now I thought I'd put a couple of teasers out. I will post mine and a few of the others when they arrive. This is literally a world wide challenge with artists from all across the US and the UK. How cool is that?

The base of mine is probably 2" x 4" and covered with shoes - yep, even Barbie doll high heels! Sorry, it's true, I love shoes!!!

And on another part of my piece, I used this expression:

"She really couldn't help herself,"

And oh my! isn't that just the truth??? When it comes to paper, embellishments, craft supplies, tools....I think it's worse than shoes! LOL!!!

Hopefully in a few days I'll get past the teasers and post the actual projects!

So, what goes on in my life between these art blogs? This week, Kerry has had his staff in from all over the country. We've had so much fun!! For the first time, the spouses/families came with the employees. On Friday night, the girls went to the movies. On Saturday, we made cards and tonight, we made jewelry out of polymer clay while the guys watched the super bowl. So lots of photos coming up soon!!!

My question - was the challenge in the project that Kathy gave me.....or in hosting 25 people for the super bowl??? LOL!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good teasers. Just wait 'till you post all the results!