Saturday, January 31, 2009

Twinkling H20 fun

You know, they come in the little pots, the lids tend to fall off, you have to undo the lid each time you want to use them, so why not fix up a palette that you can use over and over?

Just pop the little paint pod out of the jar and put it in a paint spot in your palette.  I got this one at Hobby Lobby - it has a lid that will seal.

Fill about half full of water and the pod will start to disolve in about an hour

 After a couple of hours, it will look like this

You can easily stir it up at this point.  If needed, just add more water or spritz with water.

It will fill the area and will eventually dry hard and you simply wet it each time you want to paint!

Here's a link to the palette that I used, you can buy it online!   Sealed Plastic 

I'm thinking it could be fun to do a little watercolor painting mixing regular watercolor paints with Twinkling H20s.  But you could also make regular patterned paper sparkle just by swiping a few brushstrokes across the top.

And here's my painting - totally twinkling H20s. This is my 3rd watercolor painting. I think I might just like this!!!


Willow said...

Your creativity is neverending!! Your palette idea is so clever. I can't stand having a million and one little pots and lids all over my work table when I am using twinks!! Great idea!!! And I am loving your watercoloring painting!!

Jen Lowe said...

Thanks! I think I should add a note here. Most watercolor artists leave their mix in the middle of the palette and reuse it. If you leave it on this one, it dries up into plastic flakes. It's ok - just spritz it with water and reuse the flakes. But I'm seeing a whole new product here.....twinkling H20 flakes! LOL!!!