Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Did you know that sunflowers track the sun? So if you put tiny little gadgets down inside them that generate power, then they will track along the sun and generate more power per day than any other flower. So imagine a field of sunflowers that is actually producing solar power and giving back to a community. How cool is that?

There is just a very subtle difference with the added color, but enough to make me feel happier about this watercolor.

And yes, one of my friends has already grabbed this one up! LOL! So let's see, this is my 6th watercolor painting....and I have NONE to show for my "work"! LOLOL!!! I started a winter mountain scene and am learning how to use frisket and salt. Perhaps I will keep number 7! On the other hand, it's so much fun playing that I don't mind giving them all away. I am learning so much and it's just so much fun!!!

Maybe this summer I should plant a sunflower solar power garden! Nope, I'm too old for that! I'll just stick with painting my sunflowers!!!


Linda Peterson Designs said...

Love this painting...it says so much...yet is so simple. Just love the colors so much...that hey...can I scraplift it? or Friendly Plastic lift it? I think I can replicate a similar design in FP and It would make for a beautiful focal piece on a spring necklace..........Please Please Please??????????????????

Jen Lowe said...

for you...anything! :o)