Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shadowbox Memories, Part 2 of 2

So have you decided to pull the kids baby things out of storage and put them on display? You don't have to do vintage like I did - there are so many wonderful scrapbook papers and embellishments available today - I'm almost tempted to re-do these!

First thing I noticed - I never finished this one! Jeff's senior photo is missing! Well, one of these days....

I tried to keep them different because the boys have very different personalities. Jason loves classical music and Jeff loves county western. But I wanted the same elements in each box. They both got teddy bears because when they were little, I made and sold bears.

Jeff's dedication certificate, cigar, flowers. The baby blanket was made by my sis, Elaine.

His baby outfit, photo, and more chipboard dolls:

So many things to keep - so many memories.

Another vintage pop-up with greenery behind her. Angels watcing over my kids, every day.

Cute little hanky pockets stitched and shaped to hold flowers

His spoon - stitched to the ribbon to hide the thread.

Jeff loved trains and when I found this printer's block, I just had to add it!

Each of their boxes has a Mexican peso given to them by a family friend, and a silver dollar from the year of their birth.

The possibilities for shadowboxes have no limits. You could do one for each year of school, for ancestors, for marriage....well for any life event. It's just a great way to display momentos that are too lumpy for scrapbooks! 2' x 3' is just the perfect size to keep baby blankets, christening outfits and more! And with glass front doors - you never have to dust! These are 12 years old and look as good s the day I put them together!

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Alien Thoughts said...

Thank you so much for sharing these very beautiful and personal shadow boxes. You have put so much love and care into each one, and it shines through. How lovely to have such treasures of your beloved sons. I am very inspired by both of these boxes.