Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sweet 16!!!

Remember the Crop for the Walk we did here? "Our" Rachel turned 16 yesterday!!!

Her final total was $3,301.00!!!!!

I am so inspired by this young woman, that she could raise that much money for the National Walk for Epilepsy at the age of 15!!!

If you'd like to send her a belated birthday card, just send it to:

Rachel Chiecuto
% Scrapbook Your Life!
3655 Camino Del Rio West, Ste A
San Diego CA 92110

Rachel never liked scrapbooking, but on my last trip out, we got her to decorating the huge paper mache letters and working with clear acrylic albums. So if you're inclined, drop in a little something she could use to embellish an album! Her favorite color is pink and she loves anything princess! Here's the album I made for her and she just loved it!

Any young woman who has suffered as many seizures as Rachel has endured in her short lifetime deserves to be a princess!!!

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