Friday, July 4, 2008

Shadowbox Memories, Part 1 of 2

These shadowboxes are 2' x 3', with hinged glass fronts and a total depth of 2 1/2". This is Jason's box, he's my oldest son, soon to turn 29. I started by laying a sheet of foam core board in the bottom of the box and covered that with his baby blanket. The blanket was made by mom's mom.

I think I made these boxes about 1995 - long before I took up scrapbooking. But obviously, I was into the vintage look. This is a little pop-up card. But the halo is actually Grandma's wedding ring. I think it's quite fun to hide little things like this and make you have to look to see what's there! Idea # 2 - make a list of what's in the shadowbox, who it came from, it's date or origin, and put that in a pocket on the back of the shadowbox. Just so no one throws away Grandma's wedding ring!!!

Here's the cigar his dad handed out and his baby spoon. I didn't want to tape or glue a thing, so I've wrapped fine thread around these and then stitched them to the baby blanket. More like a loose basting stitch.

His baptismal certificate, the rose from the alter that day, a hanky from his godmother - it's folded as a baby bonnet. Now, you can't stitch paper, but you can use a lot of "T-pins" to hold things in place.

Here's a really fun technique. I wanted a unique way to showcase his photos K-12. Behind his senior photo is a vintage fan. I cut the ovals using a craft knife and put his photo in the center of each blade of the fan. I've got his life in a nutshell right before my eyes every day of the week!

These are the cutest little crocheted sandals that his godmother made for him. Jason was a premie and only weighed 6 pounds and his feet were so tiny. These are about 2" long.

I think it was obvious back then I was destined to do collage! His baby photo is in a counted cross stitch frame my dear friend Pam made. His first baby toy, the newspaper clipping of his birth, more flowers from the day he was born tucked in a hanky pocket. And I've threaded silk ribbon through the items. Do you see his first lock of hair tied to the bow?

And here's his christening outfit. Handmade by me! White velour onesie, matching jacket and hat. Pale blue shirt with a matching bowtie. I tell you - he was just too cute that day!!! This was attached to the blanket using pins. Note the hanging chipboard boys attached to silk ribbon looped from the top frame. Lots of dried greenery and it's still just fine! You can even see the tassle from his graduation cap hanging to the left.

And I was definitely not a stamper when I made this, but I found these wood printer blocks that spelled his name and one that is the Boy Scout emblem. I couldn't resist adding them to his shadowbox. Note the metal corners that I added to the outside of the box.

I've received hundreds of compliments on this box over the years and it's so much more fun than to have everything tucked away. Maybe this is just scrapbooking on a grand scale? It doesn't have a title and there's no journaling, but sometimes, memories stand alone, just as they are!

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