Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Places I have visited....

This is going to be a forever long list....but I thought it could be fun! No...I'm not going to list every city I have been to, but I'm going to list some of the more interesting ones - have you been there too?

Like Perkinsville AZ. I had to go there because I grew up near Perkinsville IN!

Search Light NV. In the middle of no where. Why do they call it "search light"?

Julian CA, Hi Velta! Best cinnamon ice cream on earth!

Littlefield AZ, in the middle of the Virgin River Gorge....a beautiful place!

Fishlake National Forest, Utah. 110 miles on I-70 of nothing. No gas. No stops. No stores. No cell phone. Absolutely nothing. Makes you appreciate what you have when you have it. That and really good tires and a full tank of gas!

Bullfrog UT. A quiet spot on the north end of Lake Powell. Beauty beyond words if you are lucky enough to ride on a waverunner and see the sights up real close!

Torrey UT. I had to go there cause my best friend is Torrey! But it's also close to Capitol Reef National Park. An interesting place where you find petrified coral and sea shells on the top of mountain ridges. Proof positive there once was a world wide flood?

Santa Barbara CA. Tinest airport I've ever flown into.

Solveng CA. You'd never expect to find dutch windmills in California!

Myrtle Beach SC where I once got so sunburned I had to ride home with nothing but a sheet wrapped around me! Love the boardwalk. Is it still there?

Victoria, BC, Canada....where the Busch water gardens are forever embedded in my mind.

Homer Spit AK, where the coal literally fell out of the ground on to the beach.

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada - where they have the best bookstore on earth!

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada - I've been there 3 times it's so wonderful!

Effingham IL - I was in training there for 4 weeks and learned what a horseshoe sandwich is.

Brownsville TX, actually might be worse than Kingman AZ! Now, don't be offended, my in-laws live in Kingman - it's not a destination choice for me! :o)

Westby WI - was once engaged to a guy who's parents lived there and spent many happy weekends there

Chicago IL, lived there for 3 months. Found fabric that was the same as what was on the Simplicity pattern! I knew for sure I was no longer living on the farm!

Ft Wayne iN, lived there for a year. a church on every street corner and a river between every other street!

Rochester NY. My grad school buddy lived there and I visited a couple of times. I had to go visit. And when she moved to Bellingham WA, I had to go there, too!

Rocky Hill CT. Have spent many weeks there as it's the home of my youngest son's grandparents. Love the "tag sales" they have!

Flemingsburg KY. Went to track down my ancestors.

Gatlinburg TN. I left a dime there on a rock on a mountain when I was in high school. Think it's still there?

Kelly Dale - a campground in Colorado...where I learned that the Lord listens to prayers. I love going back there. I have my own personal "prayer" rock there.

Key West FL where I had the best cheesecake of my life!

St Petersburg FL where I was on HSN

Knoxville TN where I was on DIY

Lahaina, Maui, snorkeling we've ever found

Huatulco Mexico....our dream retirement destination

Tajo Alto/Miramar, Costa Rica, where we road horseback in the rain forest

Galillee Israel, where I walked today where Jesus walked

Jerusalem, where I lifted my eys up to the city on the hill

London, UK, where I failed to see the Queen!

Villela Mexico, where the 4 Moore Girls vacationed with their husbands. The last trip before Larry died.

Taos NM where mom and I drove down alleys photographing old doors

Ozark MO = hi Lindy Lou!!!

Syracuse IN - the Anchor Inn (Aunt Jean's B&B), the Sleepy Owl with the world's largest pork tenderloin sandwiches and the world's tiniest milk shakes...just 25 cents!

Santee CA where my best friend lives and where I stay when I go teach in San Diego

(edited to add this: One of my Colorado pals emailed to ask if I had visited Climax, Colorado? Of course I have! When I first moved here in 1974, I had to go visit Climax, which is north of Fairplay and that's north of Balltown! So you could say "Fiarplay is between Balltown and Climax in Colorado!!!" Yes, we have strange towns in the mountians! But it sure is fun!!!)

Lafayette CO - home for now

I have traveled to 49 of the 50 states (I've never been to Maine!),

I've been to 11 countries:

Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Israel and Egypt

And 4 continents:

North America

I can only imagine the miles I've put on this body! LOL! As a young child, dad took long camping vacations every summer and we really did see the USA, but I don't think it was in a Chevrolet!

It would take me another lifetime to scrap and write about every place I've been. My life has been blessed beyond words.

My "bucket list" is complete - the bucket has overflowed!

I wonder where life will take me next? My bags are packed and I'm ready!!!

3 comments: said...

Great travelogue and so much fun to look back where you have been! On your next visit to Israel, check out for car trip routes in the Galilee, Carmel, Judean desert, Negev, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv - self-drive itineraries with very cool places along the way.

Jen Lowe said...

Now Judy, I have already looked at that site and decided it's best I not ever drive anywhere on the other side of any ponds! LOL!!!

Judy from Maine said...

So sorry you've never made it this far north. Maine is really a beautiful state.
I've lived here all of my 58 years!
I have traveled to many places, including Israel, and enjoyed them all.
But, ofcourse, there is no place like home!