Friday, June 20, 2008

The Basement Babes

Yesterday was the one year anniversary party of the Basement Babes - a group of local artists that meet and play once a month in my basement studio. I knew we were going to have a fun day, but never expected to laugh quite so hard as I did for so long!

That's Cherri and Jane, and yesterday was their first day with the group. Seems we gain and lose members every month - people move, go back to work, change vocations - it really has taught me the "circle of life" because when someone leaves, someone new joins in.

We tried the head tilting thing, but of course, I forgot to turn the flash on my camera on!

And proof of 2 things, I can't take a photo, and head-tilting doesn't always work! Oh, that's Tuesday Susan on the right! We tell Susan to come on Tuesday instead of Thursday, so we can have extra fun with her!!!

And I know this next photo is horrible - but sometimes you just laugh so hard you can't sit still!!!  Notice, Colleen on the far left is NOT wearing a hat?  Yes, we all wore hats and scarves to lunch as part of the celebration.....

So we fixed her!  We put All of our hats on her!!!  LOLOL

Judy joined in the fun - she just looks so cute in a hat!!  She should definitely wear them more often!

Shelly drove 5 hours to join in the fun, spent the night and is still here this morning!  Of course, she has an agenda - she's going to "help" me finish getting ready for my garage sale!  I think she's really going to go "shopping" in my garage!!!   What she doesn't know is that I'm going to put her to "work" in just a few minutes!  LOLOL!

I know that these women have altered my life this past year!  I look at things so differently.  When I saw Kathy in her hat in the shadows, I saw "lace" across her forehead.  Now I really doubt I would have "seen" that a year ago!!!

I don't think any of us knew that Peggy is a professional cake decorator.  She totally surprised us with a cake made in the image of Lucy McGoo!!!  I just yelled with delight when she took this out of the box!!! 

I dont' think I could grab my camera fast enough and no one wanted to cut into her - but I guess we were supposed to because it didn't take long before we were devouring cake and ice cream - after a whole day of eating chocolate, chips, dip, and more!  Well, how on earth can one be creative without something to eat???

Well, yes, we did actually create.  I was a bit slow and didn't get photos of what everyone did, but here's my project.  This is a variation of a class I took from Tim Holtz in 2006 at the Artist's Nook un Ft Collins.  We used some old Junkitz tiles that I still had, some wings and keys and some Tim Holtz do-dads from Design Originals. These are truly the world's smallest collages as the top one is about 1 1/4" square and the bottom one is about 1 1/4" by 3/4".  Each tiny element is cut out, inked, and then collaged together.   

When I get photos from the others I will post more about the day. But for now, just know that it truly was one of the happiest, most fun, most giggled filled days of my life!

If you don't have a group of friends like this - start one! It just does the soul good to sit and laugh!!!

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