Saturday, June 21, 2008

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tombow!!!!

They sent me tape runners for my card-making classes at mom's retirement center! YEAH! And those gals just think they are the neatest things!!!

So a huge thank you to the folks at Tombow (Cathy!!!) for helping continue the arts with those up to 92 years old!!!

Now - I still need blank cards and envelopes, watercolor paper and paint brushes. Surely someone who reads my blog knows someone who know someone who would be happy to donate to these lovely ladies!!!

Today was our garage sale. It was just so much fun! So many crafters, scrapbookers, stampers and altered artists where here. We had people who came to my last garage sale 3 years ago come back and find things that match things they bought back then - things I had unpacked in more boxes. And even though I sold a ton today, I still have so much left over! If you looked at it, you'd think I hadn't sold a thing! It was just such a fun day, but man, am I exhausted! Just makes ya wonder if I can do another one 3 years from now?


Debbie said...

too bad you couldn't have a online "garage sale"...glad you did well today. Just found your site, Love it


Jen Lowe said...

Maybe I should turn my blog into one huge garage sale! LOLOL!!!

Alien Thoughts said...

But Jen, if you always have one in three more years, you wont ever die. lol.
Love what you do.