Thursday, May 15, 2008

The ultimate last minute louie.....

So, I had 7 ATCs that were due today. And I went shopping yesterday because I completely and totally forgot they were due. We were supposed to stamp on at least half of them, use a "lady" and use a letter that was assigned to us. I'ts called Ladies of the Alphabet. Lucky me....I got "L", "Q' and "Y".

And since I had forgotten about the swap and my brain was in "get the guest bedroom painted and done before Kerry comes home" mode....I was in no mood to design.

Until 8:30 pm last night. After I went to Walmart and got a bag of tootsie rolls. Yes, I know....thought I had given up chocolate forever huh? OK...I'll try again tomorrow on that one!

I also swore off what am I even doing in this one??? LOL! But chocolate really makes me creative! Go figure!

As I hunted through my clip art, I found a woman with the word Lefevre on it. OK. Is that a woman's name? It's a French surname and a man's first name....but no where could I find it as a woman's name. But it means "BEAN". And I consider myself to be a "good bean" on it worked for me!

I used 2 stamps on the lower half and a ton of Ranger's white pen. I picked up some llene clips from Creative Imaginations yesterday and they turned out just perfect for this ATC. I cut the face and put it in the clip under bubble glass. Added some flowers and swarovsky crystals (I just can't use them enough these days!)

The clip is also on the back, so I printed out my contact info there. The back is from old payroll time clock tickets. I signed them where the "Name" goes and added the number above that. Another stamp with white and black pen work. Under my signature it says "she's a good BEAN".

I was only up until 1:49 am! But hey! I got them all done! Yeah me!!!

Why do I thrive on such last minute deadlines? It's the great question in life that I have no answer for!!!


Anonymous said...


Love your ATC but the burning question in my mind: do tootsie rolls REALLY qualify as chocolate?!


Edie said...

Woh! Those clips are cool!

You keep showing me new stuff- I gotta plant more money trees!


Jen Lowe said...

Well, if not, I'm in deep trouble here! LOLOL!!!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Good beans have lotsa' gas!