Friday, May 16, 2008

Coast to Coast Yard Sale

Did you know that this weekend is the 9th annual Great US 50 Yard Sale? Dad used to own the Texaco Gas Station in Cotopaxi CO right on Hwy 50. I've traveled parts of that road more often than I care to remember in my life. But a nation-wide garage sale along a single road? WOW! And they are calling it "Route 50"....a spin on Route 66? LOL!

Well, I hate to say this, but I think it's also national garage sale weekend here in Denver. I was supposed to go help my girlfriend take photos of stuff she wants to list on craigs list today. I was on my way to her place and she called and had to reschedule. So I was out and decided to go to garage sales....there were signs everywhere. The first one I stopped at...I stayed for TWO HOURS!!! Yep, it was great! So I thought I'd share today's purchases...and let you know that I'm definitely helping the economy!!!

This paint rack completely full of paint...and most of the bottles have never been opened, the seals are still on them.

A second paint rack

Duplicate paint that will go to mom's for our card-making classes (mom's gonna freak when she reads this blog!!!)

Big bottles of paint as well

The paint was $12. The racks were $7 each.

7 books to cover and 200 bookmarks....$1.25 :o)

A cuttlebug mat and tin hearts....another $1.25

Imagine what I'll do with these rulers...all for 25 cents!

These wood plugs make great door handles for cards, pages and more...all for a quarter!

We just used up my sponges yesterday, so I was delighted to get these. And I can always use more stencils! 25 cents each!

I will never use this many spools in my some will go into my little store. But these are about 1/4" and 1/2" tall....a great find!

No idea what we'll do with these....but I feel a class coming on! Another quarter spent!

I'm sure I can incorporate leather into my card making classes. It was just a quarter. HOW could I pass it up???

All 6 punches for 50 cents! Well, I do have the flower...but none of the others. Guess I will gift the flower to some lucky reader! :o) First person to send me an idea for a card making class for the retirement center can have the punch!

These are the very same little blocks that I use when I wrap keys (an on the syringe on mom's layout). All these for a quarter. Can you tell about now my adrenaline was high as a kite?

Guess mom's gals will be painting clothespins as well. Small and large...I have a few ideas for these! Yep, another quarter for the whole bag!

A bag of little worry dolls. Definitely ok for cards!

I have been so blessed to have so many items published and I like to keep my magazines on display in a rack like this

But I had sort of outgrown the single rack that I had. This garage sale had 2 more racks at $5 each...I grabbed them so fast! I've got 1 1/2 full....and with more items at Stampington waiting to be published, I know I'll fill the second one and start on the third one soon! Yes, I could just stack them all, but this way, I can grab the book or magazine whenever someone has a question. Besides....Kerry is totally impressed with this display! :o)

As you can was such a fun day! I even called my sis and told her she needs to come to Denver tomorrow as there were tons of signs out for sales that start tomorrow! It's going to be a fun day! Maybe I'll run into you at one of the sales!!!


Gerrie Johnnic said...

Whaaa, and what did you leave for everyone else?

Jen Lowe said...

I guess I should have taken my camera with me to photo what I did NOT buy! Trust me...tons. I'll probably go back to this same sale tomorrow...she was a true crafter, selling everything! What do you "need"??? LOL!

monalisa said...

WOW!!!!! What a fabulous sale!! Go Jen, go!

Viki said...

What a great haul! I wish I could find a sale like that around here.

TA Carbone said...

Jen for those rolling pins you can use them for pouncers. Put felt on the handles, a rubber band will hold them on, pounce in a stamp pad and then on the object your creating.

They work great.


Jen Lowe said...

TA, I like your idea, but my idea is to use them as a binding for a recipe book....we'll see how it turns out. I forgot to photo the 6" wood spoons that I picked up as well! Will be a few days before I get to work on this idea..but it's brewing!

Katzele (Bea from France) said...

What is garage sale ?? Is it like flea market ? Why, why, tell me why I can' live in USA ?
We have flea market in France where people sell their old things, I NEVEr find something related with stamps or scrapbooking ! ScapOwhat ? They can't pronounce the name ! Poor me :'(

Jen Lowe said...

Yes, like the Paris flea market...only held one or two days at our house, usually out of your garage. Lots of times just in the driveway, sometimes in the yard or sidewalk. People drive from house to house looking for them. You post signs on the street corner with an arrow pointing to your house. Loads of fun!

TA Carbone said...

Bea we don't have these good ones here. I see where Jen live they do and in Florida they also have wonderful ones. Jen lives in a gold mine, lol

Jen that is a great idea to use the rolling pins and spoons for recipe books. People would love them. I can't wait to see pictures of your classes when you do them