Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fun cards

I did these cards for the book "Flip, Spin & Play" which is out on the shelves now. It truly is a fun little book and I thought I'd share a bit more about the techniques on these cards:

This is a flip card. The part with the school kids is the "top" and it flips down. "....and what was she really thinking?

when you flip it down, you see the nurse sitting on a book and it says "All that education...."

On the lower half, it reads "And I still can't heal a man!!!"

So easy to do, just tear the photos, images and adhere them to a torn card. Take any pre-made card and flip it up and down.

These are my actual relatives! That I embellished! LOL! And on this one...just torn strips of paper. The saying is from Crafty Secrets, "There's a wild little woman somewhere in each of us" I inked the black & white photo using Ranger's Distress ink with their foam nibs. Quite a fun technique!

Here's Aunt Nellie and Uncle Bud (Nelson) - twins.

"Men! You can't live with them and you can't live without them...." (I used a craft knife to cut the window in order to cut around the images on the paper.)

"but a twin brother? Oh good grief! I'm stuck for life with him!"

And on the bottom flip: "who needs "borrowed relatives" when you have real ones like these?"

I decided I don't need to buy photos of other people...I have plenty of my own!

Kerry says the whole state of Indiana is related to me. I wonder why he thinks that?

"The Brandon Women, famous for their Raisen cream pies....."

"It never failed to get them out of the kitchen in a hurry!"

"If you think raisen cream pie is bad, you should try their gooseberry pie....makes you wonder where goose berries came from?"

All of these flip cards were then assembled in a flip-flop card that you can see in the book. I think I should do a whole line of funny family cards....think they will forgive me?

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