Friday, May 23, 2008

less than 6 degrees

First, I want to let you know that I live 30 minutes southwest of where the tornados hit in Colorado yesterday. Yes, it was pretty windy here....but no damage. My friend, Liz, called and said, "I'm geographically challenged but I heard 'Denver' are you OK???" And I just had to laugh!

Geographically challenged! Well, that's one thing I am not. Dad taught me early on how to read and navigate maps and I always got an A+ on every geography test my entire life. So you can only imagine how much I enjoy the maps that show where people who click on my blog are from.

You know they say that we all know everyone else..and we are only separated by 6 degrees....I know you, you know someone who knows someone else who knows someone else.....who knows me.

So my friend, Jody, from Kingman emailed me that her friend in Prescott saw Jody's photo on my blog and had no idea that Jody and I were friends!

And it got me to thinking....I wonder how many of you who read my blog know someone who knows someone that knows me!

Or maybe we have met and just don't know it!

If you live in could very well be a cousin of mine! LOL!

I often see a location where someone clicks on from and wish we could sit and have a chat. One week it was Terre Haute IN. And I have to wonder if that was someone I know or am related to. At the very least, I'll bet we could share memories about Turkey Run State Park where my family has had their annual reunion every summer for 55 years now!

And I have driven through Wickenburg AZ a zillion times. There is NOTHING there! Yet I see someone clicks on my blog from that location on a pretty regular basis! WHO lives in Wickenburg? LOLOL!!! I want to meet you just because I need to ask....WHY do you live there? :o)

And then there are spots that I click on that have instant memories. Calgary Canada. The summer of 1981 as we were driving to Anchorage in a Jeep with 3 little kids and the axel broke and we camped in a park for a week! What a wonderful place!

Oak Harbor, WA. Mom used to be a nurse practitioner in Darrington....and I just want to sit and chat with you about the ferns that grow wild in the forest up there!

Yesterday, there were 26 hits from France! Isn't it wonderful how google will translate my blog so you can read it? I would love to know where you all are from! Are you close to Diersheim, Germany, where my ancestors came from? I've been to Paris, and Strassburg and taken the high speed train from Paris to Geneva. I would just love to travel that path again in a slow moving car so I could really enjoy the scenery! Actually, I've been to Paris twice! What an amazingly gorgeous city. I love the opulence of the architecture. I could spend a year just walking the streets looking at the buildings! (OK...I'm way too old to spend a year walking anywhere! But I can dream!!!)

Warsaw, Indiana....Hi! Aunt Jean!!!

Greenville SC - I attended a year at Bob Jones University!

Boulder CO - oh just call me! Let's play!!!

Schaumburg, IL - hi Margie!

Leicester, England - I've been there!!! Love the fish & mushy peas!!!

And oh, the places I want to travel to. Edinburgh, Scotland, where Kerry's ancestors are from. My beloved Israel where I hope to return one day. Neuwied, Germany....where I have actually already been! I just love looking at the maps and imagining the conversations that we would have if we took the time to get to know one another better.

Seems like a lot of you are looking at my tutorials...which is why I do them! I hope they help! If you have suggestions for improvements, feel free to let me know.

I do believe in the art's way less than 6 degrees of separation. We are all connected by this kindred spirit to create and design, to ooh! and aah! at one another's work, and to share what we learn with each other.

What a perfectly wonderful, connected world of art we have!

P.S. I made these flowers today using the new blossoms and snowflakes by Creative Impressions. Aren't they simply gorgeous?? I brought them home to design something for the show tomorrow. If you live in Denver, the show is 9 am - 6 pm at the Merchandise Mart...come say "hi"!


Anonymous said...

How true it is about "6 degrees of separation" (especially for military families). And, remembering visits to other countries and the kinship you feel with people of other cultures. Well said, indeed.

About the flowers, everyone should make them--they are truly fun and you can do them randomly where you don't know the final result. I made mine today and will look forward to seeing your final designs for tomorrow!

I tried not to be "anonymous" but it seems I don't remember my password. Oh, well, you know who I am!

StampinCarol said...

I absolutely love your flowers. And I know Jodi!! We met at a stamp convention in Fort Collins. I'm originally from WY but now reside in southern AZ. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your creations. Thanks for sharing so much with the world.

Jen Lowe said...

That Jody....she knows too many people! LOL! But I certainly enjoy spending time with her when I'm in Kingman! I used to hate to visit my in-laws. Now it's not half bad! :o) Maybe you can join us next time!

Jann Gray said...

We're connected by Lisa Galvin (just one degree!) -- and she is high on my list right now because she introduced me to you! Love your art -- and also love your list of places you've been and want to go! I will be back for another visit real soon...

Jen Lowe said...

Jann! I just love that Lisa! ANY friend or her's is a friend of mine!!! How fun is this!!! Now, about that list of places I've been.....I only touched the surface! Perhaps I should blog one day about ALL the places I've visited! That could be so much fun! Thanks for a great idea!!!

stampmonkey said...

I usually don't take/have the time to comment on all the blogs I browse, but I had to laugh when I read this post and thought I should comment.... I recently showed my mom your tutorial on making flowers with scalloped Nestabilities (and she lives just outside of Wickenburg, so I'm wondering if it's her who's been tormenting you with her appearances on your blog -lol).

I live about 10 miles northwest of Windsor (where the tornado hit on Thursday) -- it was our first experience with tornadoes.

Love your beautiful flowers; love your tutorials; love your artwork; love your blog; love your sense of humor. tfs with us!

stampmonkey said...

P.S. I can't say I "know" her, but I met Sally Lynn MacDonald once (when we were both teaching at a CTMH convention in Portland several years back), and I'm assuming you know her because you're both Ranger-ettes. We're also in at least one stamping egroup together too, though I'm sure she has no idea who I am.

Yes, it is a small world. ;)

Jen Lowe said...

stampmonkey....have we met? Come on down! I mean...we live 30 minutes apart and your mom and my in-laws live 2 hours apart? I'll bet we follow each other from here to AZ all the time! I think my world just shrunk a little more!

And of course I know Sally Lynn and just love her to pieces. But how many other readers know her as the "hat lady"? :o)