Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ungrunging grungeboard!

First, "Hello" to Beatrice in France! I just love the "blog" world and all the new friends I am meeting around the world! It's just so much fun!!!

Ungrunging. Is that even a word? OK...I get to make them up as I go along! Sorry, but I didn't like grungeboard. I didn't like the whole concept of "grunge". And I am way too old to be part of kind of generation called grunge. I guess when you raise a couple of just don't want anything grungy in your life! LOL!

So I decided to ungrunge the grungeboard and I actually LOVE the results!!!

Here's to all of you who are 55 or older....we'll call ourselves the ungrunged generation!!!

Grungeboard (minis) come in a sheet that look like this:

and you pop them out like this:

Start with a very wet ink. I chose Versa Magic chalk ink for this project, but anything will work. I just wanted the lightest shade of pink that I could find in a wet ink

Place your piece of grungeboard on a non-stick craft sheet and apply the ink directly to the grungeboard. Cover everything. Don't worry about it getting on the craft sheet...that's just fine!

Place the wet piece of inked grungeboard inside a glitter tray and pour on the glitter.

Press down on the glitter to push it into the ink:

then tap off the excess glitter. Set the piece aside to allow the ink to dry. The glitter will stick to it.

"drain" the excess glitter back into the jar so you can reuse it down the line

I LOVE the Judikins glitter really does a great job cleaning out my glitter tray!

Oh gosh! "Secret treasures"....what am I going to do with this stuff?

Not much grunge left to this!!!

or to this!

PRINCESS grungeboard? Well, I've done it...I have ungrunged generation grunge! How fun is this???

Tomorrow, I'll share the Princess project. Tonight, I'll start on the Secret Treasures project! I tell you...the ideas are just flying! Guess that's what happens when you put me in a "candy" store....aka Scrapbook Your Life!

I've got to get this mess cleaned up and rush down to the store and see what came in new....UPS delievered 10 boxes yesterday morning....I hope it's all out on the shelves!!! If you're in southern California...come on down...I'll be there at least by 5 pm and I'm hoping to get there earlier!!!

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Katzele (Beatrice from France) said...

Hello my new friend ;-)
Love your ungrunged work !