Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Resistor Art!

Yep, tiny little resistors that come attached to metal wires. They look like this:

The are great to wrap around modern you don't have to hunt for vintage keys for emebllishments:

Or wrap around metal stencil letters. I think I found these at JoAnns for $2.00 per set

Curl the ends up in a swirl and stick them down into a tiny glass amulet with other found object like watch parts:

E6000 them to the top of a bottlecap. Use your cropadile to punch a hole in the cap and add more wire and you have a pendant!

Or simply loop different colored resisters together to form a "chain".

Wrapped around another key:

And another key:

I'm thinking about making a necklace out of these! Could be fun!

So, I'm recycling keys and recycling unused resistors. More GreenCraft!!! So rather than creating and designing, does this mean I'm recreating and redesigning? Resistor Art. Who would have thought? Hmmm....maybe tomorrow I'll have to do computer wire art!

If you can't find resistors, email me....I've added some to our Lucy McGoo's Little Store.

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