Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rocks, frogs and poems

If you know me, you know I'm not afraid to put much of anything on a scrapbook page. I think if you look closely, you can see the actual physical rocks on this page. The photos of Jason are just so cute...he was throwing rocks into the river and just laughing...then turning around to make sure we were watching him. Memory Makers magazine had a call for lumpy pages...I do think I gave them lumpy...and they published this! It is really the heaviest layout I've ever done.

Note the little green paper punched frogs crawling around in the rocks? And some of the rocks have been painted. Some of the rocks are flat paper. Truly a fun project!

This is probably my favorite photo of Jason. I have always loved the look on his face...like he was just not quite sure what to do and just a little scared. This is a 12 x 12 layout...and rather than buy one of those transparancies with the designs to go over it, I simply put this in the wide format printer and printed right over the paper and the photo. Designed the overlay in photoshop and just hit the print button. The little pocket has a note to him about this day.

I cannot help but laugh every time I look at this one. What kind of mom an I that I would not only let him eat the grass....I had to get the camera and take pictures! LOL! And I wrote the poem:

Eating stick and grass
That's what I like to do
I think it's pretty cute
But it makes me go poo....

Anything I touch
goes right into my mouth
And then my mom will say
"you better spit that out!!!"

And this is one of my earliest layouts....but I still just love it. The series of photos just match the poem I wrote for this one:

My bubba is hard to hold
And he likes to look at me
It seems he sleeps all the time
Except when he has to pee
He sure makes funny faces
He's just as cute as can be
I really like my bubbe
And I know that he likes me!

I have found that often a simple little poem can say so much more than any journaling. I have thousands of photos yet to scrap. A never ending project!

Rocks, frogs and poems. So appropriate for scrapbooking my memories of these 2 little boys!

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