Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lucy McGoo's Little Store

Well, it's not a "live" internet store just yet, but we are working towards that. If you click on my blog's home page, you will see a new slide show in the upper right hand corner. You can watch it from there, but if you need details on anything, just click on the photo and it will take you to my picasa albums.

From there, you can click on any individual photo to see prices, sizes, quantity, etc.

Today I've added some lace trim that I brought back from Paris. Wow! I didn't think I would ever part with it....but then who needs yards and yards of lace? So I decided to share!

I've also added the cutest mini pencils that I use all the time for altered items.

And I know this is a goofy one. But no one seems to be able to cut their cut n' dry foam and I have an antique cutting block that will do it, so I'm offering packages of 1" x 2" strips.

Now, I have no idea if I can keep up with what goes into this store, but I will try my best to continue to add photos of at least the found objects, the funky stuff, and perhaps even the new retail products as they come in.

If you see something you'd like to purchase, I take paypal and checks. Just email me and we'll get it out to you just as fast as we can!

oh, you will probably need to click on the "arrow" to start the slide show!

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