Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rainbow cable art

Well, what were you expecting? LOL! I shared resistor art last week and thought it appropriate to share cable art as well. Mom and I used to drive down to Santa Fe and Taos and explore old alleys, take photos of doors and visit galleries and craft stores. On one such trip, the Georgia O'Keefe center was offering a free class in how to make art using computer parts and we signed up. Now this was before I ever did scrapbooking or stamping and I still think it's one of the most fun classes I ever took!

This is what the rainbow cable looks like.

I do not have any photos and borrowed these from mom. This was what I ended up with and it's called the Circle of Life. Well, of course, one must name their art!

There are 2 CDs as the bse. Lots of round things from the hundreds of computer parts that were available to design with. Circles inside of circles. A scrap of a watercolor painting that mom did with her and dad in it.

I used the rainbow cable on the motherboard to form the star, but also it is braided across the top and down the side. and pieces of it wrapped around a metal post on the left.

Barbra Striesand wrote a song that I love. The words go "this circle just goes on and on. It began before us it will be here when we're gone and this circle just goes on and on, connecting our humanity, joining me to you and you to me, love and learn and change and gro, this circle touches everyone....." It was what I was thinking as I put these computer parts together.

Mom made this one. Looks like a little girl. Notice the rianbow cable in the center? And then stripped cable wires for her hair.

There were at least 40 women creating in the room that night and the energy was beyond description! One of the most inspiring evenings of my life.

If you want some cable to play with...look in my little store. When it's's all gone. Pretty hard to find as I don't think they use it much any more. The wires are attached to each other...but they pull apart pretty easily. I'll have to play some more with it one of these days!

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