Thursday, April 10, 2008

A rather normal day.....

I think today was a rather normal day in my I thought I would share it with you.

I overslept! (of course, that's normal!) Showered, dressed (well, let's hope that's normal) swept the floors and ran to the post office to mail off orders from my little store. Went thru Mickey D's and got an egg muffin for breakfast. I know, mom, not good! Got home 5 minutes before the first of the basement babes arrived. It's one of my monthly art groups...the most fun group of playmates. But they love to surprise me and get here early.

We truly had a great day today and hopefully tomorrow I can blog our creations. You know....editing photos...a really good thing to do at the airport!

Off to Zamparelli's for lunch. Yum! yum! Hubby's friends literally drank them out of the blood orangecello mix about 2 months ago...and Nancy informed me today there was more in stock (they make it on site)....but alas...I was driving.

Back home to finish our projects. At 2 pm...we all decide to go shopping. Off to Elizabeth's Embellishments with the latest copy of Somerset Living and highly recommended that the store apply to be featured in the magazine. That would be so cool! I even gave her my editor's email address....something I never do!

Then to explore the Lafayette flea market for 45 minutes. Who am I kidding? Not even enough time to smell the goodies.....but had to show my pals how to get there!

We parted ways and I ran to the bank to deposit money, filled the truck with gas, then off on the tollway to the airport to pick up Kerry.

So much of life goes on behind my art....because I lose myself in my art to ignore my life! LOLOL! Kerry has been in Kingman for a week...they airlifted his father to Phoenix for a triple bypass....then released him without doing the surgery. Another story, another day! So this morning, Kerry drove his dad the 3 hours back to Phoenix, put him in the hospital, met his dear brother who flew in from Detroit, handed off the "family batton" to him and jumped a plane back home. Did I mention that he (Kerry) caught a horrible cold and has been sick the whole week he's been gone?

And of course, it's snowing in Colorado today and the wind is gusting up to 50mph. So I rush to the airport to sit and wait. And wait. And check my emails on my iphone. And wait. And look things up on the internet from my iphone. And wait. Yes...a rather normal day in my life!

He finally gets here (I could have shopped for another 2 hours!) and we travel back home and he decides we should go to Zamparelli's for dinner. Dare I confess I was just there for lunch? No, I decide to mess with him! We walk in and of course, the waitress who greets us looks at me and says, "weren't you just here?" LOLOL!

I have my cosmo..yumm! And we come home. He calls his brother and his dad is out of was a success!!! My girlfriend in San Diego calls to tell me she's sick and I offer to rent a car tomorrow so she doesn't have to drive to the airport to pick me up. Lucky me! Cheap cars in San Diego this next week! So I rent the car, get my boarding pass printed out, finish with all my emails, run to the studio and pack up even more orders that will get shipped out tomorrow morning before I head off to the airport (again) (yes, like I said, a rather typical day in my life!)

So, whew! It's now 10 pm. I think I'm all packed for my trip to San Diego. I think I have everything I need. I still have to go to the studio and pack up one more box of stuff that get's shipped out to Scrapbook Your Life! to have for classes out there. Oh dear, I forgot to email my cousin and let her know I'll be out there. My craft bag weighs 49.5 pounds on the medical scales. The other bag is plenty light at 43 pounds. I think my carry-on weighs 75 pounds! And my "laptop" bag is really my Karen Foster carry-all....but they can argue til they are laptop IS in it! :o)

Yep, a rather normal day in my life. Are you tired? I can't be...I still have a little more work to do before I can get tired!

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